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Jacob Strunge

Owner and founder of Trophy Art and African Trophy Art

When he was just six years old, Jacob decided that zoological taxidermist was going to be his livelihood. Jacob was trained in Finland, with several long-lasting study periods in the U.S. and the Netherlands. After completing both the Finnish and Danish apprenticeship tests, Jacob founded Trophy Art in 2001.

Trophy Art is a company which experiences constant development and progress, and thanks to our quality products and our professional approach to bringing out the best in all trophies, the company is today an internationally recognized name within the world of hunting.

Being a customer of Trophy Art is a holistic experience. Customers may choose to participate in the entire process and join in selecting the mounting and the design finish, or they may choose to fully rely on the experienced people at Trophy Art and bring home a super detailed and lifelike trophy for the trophy wall. Jacob is present in the workshop every day and makes sure that each individual mounting lives up to the demands and the quality which Trophy Art stands for.

The ultimate hunting trophy for Jacob is a Giant Eland from the Central African Republic.





















































Sasha comes from Ukraine and was picked out by Trophy Art due to his expertise in full mountings and head mountings.  He has a fantastic feel for anatomy and arrangement of large trophies.

Sasha is a hard worker. Often you will see him outside of normal working time, when he is puttering around with his mounts. His sense of finish is phenomenal.

Not many people within the field know everything from A-Z, but Sasha does.




















Stephanie primarily handles the trophies during the last part of the mounting process. When the trophy is dry following mounting, it will thus be Stephanie who – with an airbrush – spackles and paints the details which have been shaped during the mounting of the trophies.

Stephanie builds bases, casts our own artificial rocks and makes biotopes for our full mounts which match the natural habitat of the individual animals.

Stephanie has an eagle’s eye for details ….




















Vitalii is from Ukraine and has worked as a taxidermist for more than 20 years. Vitalii has previously worked at one of the largest workshops in Ukraine, where he dealt with taxidermy in all forms and shapes.

Vitalii was brought in primarily to mount birds, where we experience an increasing demand, but he is equally skilled at both head and full mountings.

Vitalii speaks English, and his dream trophy is the caribou in the wilderness of Canada.




















Frank has been hunting ever since he could kick clayey soil off his boots. Frank comes from a completely different industry, but has settled very well with us.

Frank handles all the fresh, raw trophies that are brought in. In addition, he keeps track of all plate mountings and skulls that need to be boiled, bleached and mounted.

Frank is good at welcoming customers when Jacob is out of the house.

Frank dreams of shooting moose and all the other animals out there!




















It never stays still at Trophy Art, and we are always busy. Could it be something for you to become part of an international workplace with good conditions and opportunities for many exciting challenges?

We are primarily looking for people with a background in the taxidermyindustry, but it is not a requirement that you are an educated taxidermist as long as you are ready to learn something new.

Send us an email or give us a call and we’ll talk about the possibilities.


Rune is here when there is pressure on the boiling. Over time, Rune has developed a superb procedure when it comes to boiling and bleaching of trophies. It can be anything from bucks to musk oxen.

Rune usually volunteers to come in and give us a hand when we need it. He is well-liked at the workshop, as he usually brings a good cake!

Rune’s dream trophy is a European mouflon from the free wild game field.


Gudrun is the accountant of the company.

She works a couple of days a week where she takes charge of everything moving in and around the office. She is brilliant at solving the administrative tasks of a company such as Trophy Art.

You will primarily meet Gudrun by email when she submits order confirmations, invoices etc.

Gudrun is not a hunter, but she has learned lots of names of new animals since her start.

Martin & Rasmus

Together Rasmus and Martin constitute BEST-Production ApS which handles the company’s photos, videos, website, and any other graphic works needed. Study photos of the trophies are taken on a regular basis, and every once in a while the photos of the employees will be updated on the website.

Both Rasmus and Martin are active hunters and enjoy stopping by to take photos of some of the many dream trophies.

You will find more information about their work at www.BEST-Production.com


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